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rule | /ru:l/ | Plural noun : rules

A set of explicit regulations or principles governing conduct or procedure.


bend your rules
Worthing | Hypnotherapy | Sussex


Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool we can use to help with phobias, habits, confidence, smoking, weight loss, anxiety and stress to name just a few.  Come to ’99 in Worthing Sussex, be relaxed and together we can ‘bend your rules’ and change your life.  Find out more about hypnotherapy by clicking below.

how it works
Worthing |Hypnotherapy | Sussex


Treatments are tailored by ’99’ hypnotherapy to the individual and their situation after an initial, in-depth consultation with a fully qualified Hypnotherapist based in Worthing, Sussex.  It is a technique that can very easily be adapted to deal with most issues we have in life. The example treatments section of this site will give you an indication of the type of things I regularly work with.  Please feel free to call me to talk about anything that concerns you, it doesn’t matter if it’s not listed, as it is very likely I can help.  Sometimes we find through further discussion and hypnosis sessions that the issue is not as it initially presented and that something entirely different is causing the problem.  All of these things, we can deal with together.  Click below now or contact ’99’ to discuss further.

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